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Babysitter Warsaw: Tanyaradzwa Grace
Tanyaradzwa Gr.. (20)
Nanny Katowice: Marta
Marta (21)
Babysitter Warsaw: Natsai More Banditi
Natsai More Ba.. (19)
Babysitter Chorzów: Annet
Annet (24)
Babysitter Lodz: Aleksandra
Aleksandra (28)
Babysitter Lodz: Ashley
Ashley (22)
Babysitter Lodz: Tinotenda
Tinotenda (19)
Babysitter Lodz: Fashakin
Fashakin (24)

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Reviews and References
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Trusted by people like you

Marta from Katowice
March 2023

Pani Marta to cierpliwa, spokojna, ale i stanowcza osoba, od której bije ciep...

Kornelia from Katowice
March 2023

Maluszek nie sprawia żadnych problemów. Mama zawsze jest do dyspozycji i pod...

Ania i Albercik from Katowice
March 2023

W trakcie pracy Albercik nie sprawia żadnych problemów. Mama zawsze jest do d...

Natalie from Warsaw
March 2023

I recommend Natalie! She is very nice, calm and paciente with children :)/Pol...

Katya from Krakow
March 2023

Katya is a great nanny. My son adored her and was always happy to see. They p...

Vasiliki from Wroclaw
March 2023

Thanks Vasiliki for taking care of our son. I am sure he enjoyed your company :)

Aleksandra from Warsaw
March 2023

A very lovely family and so welcoming

Marta from Mikołów
March 2023

Jeszcze nie rozpoczęła pracy. Pierwsze wrażenie bardzo dobre.

Tanyaradzwa Grace from Warsaw
February 2023

Tanya is very easy to communicate, enjoyable and down to earth person and ou...

Adrianna from Wroclaw
February 2023

Kosma to przeuroczy chłopczyk pełen energii i ciekawości :) Miło wspominam op...

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