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Helpful reviews & references

Lakshmi from Wroclaw
October 2021

Very nice and polite. Would definitely recommend :)

Angelina from Wroclaw
October 2021

They were very nice to me and everything went well.

Aleksandra from Wroclaw
September 2021

I enjoyed my time. the day was full of activities and fun ❤️

Maria clara from Wroclaw
September 2021

Maria Clara took great care of my three year old son.

Anna from Szczecin
September 2021

Pani Ania byla u nas pare godzin i jestesmy bardzo zadowoleni.

Wioleta from Kołbaskowo
September 2021

Bardzo przyjemne spotkanie, jednocześnie bardzo miłe wrażenia. Dzieciaczki urocze :)

Chantell from Poznan
August 2021

Chantell was amazing. She is so friendly and we immediately felt reassured by her. She was great with our baby and we could relax knowin...

Karolina from Poznan
August 2021

Pani Karolina to cudowna osoba, od samego początku złapałyśmy genialny kontakt. Natomiast Zojka to przesłodka, wiecznie uśmiechnięta dzie...

Aleksandra from Warsaw
July 2021

Both her and her husband are warm and kind people and they are easy to speak to. Their child is not only adorable but just as open as his...

Pawel from Poznan
June 2021

Zuzia to cudowne dziecko, z którym nie da się nudzić nawet podczas choroby. Współpraca z rodzicami również bez problemu.

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